Eddy Correlation in Natural Waters
NEW! Eddy Correlation software SOHFEA is available here, along with a Baltic Sea example data set available here!

In lakes and oceans, a prime question concerns the flux of dissolved oxygen (DO) through the sediment-water interface. DO levels are an indication of the "health" of an aquatic system.

The Eddy Correlation (EC) method was implemented several decades ago for measuring constituent fluxes in the atmosphere, the application of the EC technique for measuring DO fluxes in stratified waters is still somewhat novel, but becoming increasingly common.

The EC technique has several distinct advantages over traditional DO uptake measurement methods (e.g. in situ chambers, DO sediment microprofiles). The most obvious advantage is that the EC technique does not disturb the sediment and natural hydrodynamics. It can also be deployed in areas where these other techniques can not (e.g. rocky areas, coral reefs, etc).

Given the obvious benefits of the EC technique, we work towards an easily deployable EC instrument combined with routine protocol for data analysis.

Eddy Correlation Device
A typical EC device consists of a velocimeter (e.g. Vector, Nortek, www.nortek-as.com) and a Clark-type oxygen microelectrode (www.unisense.com; 90% response time <0.3 s) that allow simultaneous measurements of near sediment velocity and DO concentrations.

Our work at Eawag and Geomar has lead to a new, robust amplifier design as well as sophisticated designs for deployment frames, amplifier housings and sensor holders (see McGinnis et al. 2011). Please contact me for more information or amplifier schematics.

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1) ROV deployable frame, 2) measurement volume, 3) sensor holder, 4) connecter to amplifier. From McGinnis et al. 2011. Figure by R. Schwarz.
Eddy at Panarea in natural CO2 bubbling site.

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